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A workshop to Odoo makes sense - but what's important?

Achieve the goal of the Odoo installation by making a workshop

To carry out specifically a Workshop in which you take up your demands for Odoo, some points are to be followed to reach a successful cooperation of the partners in the given time. In an Odoo Workshop you take up with your partner for Odoo your exact demands for Odoo.

corresponding Agenda for odoo

What you want to achieve?

To achieve your goals, you must define first content of the Odoo workshops. Place the topic of the workshop as accurately as possible to determine and create to a corresponding agenda. The agenda gives you a guide for carrying out the workshops and thus allows you to have the right results at the end. Inform in advance the participants about the purpose and agenda of the workshop. If participants have relevant topics that have not yet taken into account, it is thus possible to include this in the agenda even in advance.

Workshop - structure and methodology.

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Now stake out your requirements for Odoo

Which operators are necessary?

An essential part of a workshop to Odoo, the participants themselves are. Even if it is a workshop to Odoo, not only Odoo specialists are provided. It is essential that participants cooperative and constructive Depending on the theme of the event, technical contact into account any who know the issues and conditions of the system technology, possibly programmers are required if you want to customize the software of Odoo. Not to forget, in any case, the employees who will work with the solution of Odoo. Key-User from relevant departments, be sure to invite.

workshop to ODOO

Time line establish

If you are clear about what you want to handle in the workshop, and which operators are necessary, you should set the required time span. Orient yourself here also on your agenda - Plan but not too tight. A well-run workshop can significantly affect the success of the implementation of your Odoo project.

Good moderation - secures results

During the workshop itself, is to ensure, through moderation for achieving the set goals. For this it is necessary to motivate the participants to cooperate, but to assume the control of the content, so as not possibly to the objectives of the workshop to lose focus. Another aspect is the documentation of the results, which were developed for your Odoo project. Communicate this also reflect on all those involved - this is the basis of the implementation of your Odoo project.

Good preparation and planning - The basis for success

The workshop as a starting point

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A well-planned project gives only a successful implementation. Let this no questions unanswered. Backed by over 18 years of experience in the implementation ERP systems, has the IT IS AG special expertise in the consultation and methodology for the implementation of Odoo.

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